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Deliver Animated Video for your Clients

Offer a robust new (or extended) video creation option for your clients - with a little help from us.

Navigating a Partnership

How does partnership work? Is a partnership a potential good idea for your business?
Watch Rob Kearby, our Chief Creative Officer, answer these questions in the video below!

What we Offer

A partnership goes far beyond simply ‘creating videos.’
With GBV, you and your clients receive far more.

Creative Oversight

Our expert creative directors are ready to lead any project.

Increased Revenue

Sell animation services you wouldn’t otherwise offer, with our help.

Marketing Assets

Make selling easier with free, branded content (from us).


Clients own the visual assets we create on their behalf.


With hundreds of scripts written, we know how to deliver a punch.

Audio Expertise

Professional voiceover artists and music for every project.


Every visual idea is assessed before prior to starting animation.


The final product; the idea come to life. That’s what we deliver.

Have Your Clients Embraced Video?

Whether or not your clients have yet embraced video, we have something to offer.
High quality, reasonable pricing, and great big results. We bring all of this and more to every project.

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