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Keep Moving Forward

By necessity, the ways in which we approach marketing and sales are evolving faster than ever before. At Great Big Video, we're here to help you adapt to and thrive in this ever-changing landscape.

Animated Video Solutions

There’s no better, easier way to express the how and why for your products and services than with animation (motion graphics).
Our in-house experts are ready to help you bring your solutions to life, for everyone to see.

Our video marketing consultations are fast, friendly, and informative!

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    Diverse Concepts, Explained Clearly

    The proof is here – we know animation. Check out these clients who are bringing their ideas to life, with our help.

    How We Can Help…

    If you offer Information Technology solutions of any type – and you want to promote those solutions – you’ve come to the right place. Great Big Video is here to help convey even the most technical of topics (using video).

    Visuals That Fits Your Brand

    Whether you lean toward enterprise visual design or prefer something more colorful and character-driven, we can help. Through our video production process, we’ll help define a style of video that exactly matches what you have in mind.

    A Clear Approach

    Our simple, repeatable process for video creation is perfect for organizations focused on information technology. We’ll develop the right concept, the perfect script, a thoughtful storyboard, and an amazing final product – all for you.

    Pricing (and Plans) That Fit

    We know that not everyone has a huge budget for video. We price competitively in an effort to ensure almost any client can jump onboard – and clients who do have larger budgets can create ongoing content to fit their longer-term marketing strategies.

    Beyond Video…

    At Great Big Video, we know video. We also know web design, infographic creation, video advertising, and much more. Contact us today to find out how our supplementary services can push your brand further than ever before.

    Want to Learn More?

    Contact us today. Let Great Big Video help you utilize the power of video for your brand.