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Video Channel Management

Expand and Promote…

It’s likely that you either already have – or plan to create – multiple videos for your brand. You may even plan to create new videos for years to come. You’ll also likely host those videos on a platform like YouTube or Vimeo.

In conjunction with our Video SEO and Video Advertising services, Great Big Video also offers Video Channel Management. We’ll take care of uploading, optimizing, and tracking every video on your channel so that you can focus your energies elsewhere within your business.

Channel Optimization
When it comes to YouTube, Vimeo, or even Facebook, management tasks that seem like they should be fairly simple sometimes aren’t. Like ensuring you’ve secured a unique channel URL for your business or separating your business channel from your personal Google account. We can help help you figure out these logistics.

Video Optimization
There’s more to uploading a video than simply uploading a video. With every video you upload, you should also ensure that the title, description, and selected keywords are as optimized as possible for SEO purposes. This is an area where we can help.

Video End-Caps
Ever get to the end of a video on YouTube or Vimeo and you see a nice, sleek splash screen showcasing other videos from that same product or channel? That’s called an End-Cap. Ever wonder how it’s done? We know exactly how’s it done and we can implement this awesome feature for your videos, too.

Comment Management
While not applicable for all products and services, some videos end up getting a lot of online feedback. In such cases, as with any form of online engagement, it’s important to take note of and respond to feedback. Great Big Video can monitor and assist with jumping in to address questions, concerns, or negative feedback that potential or existing customers attach to your videos.