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Video SEO

Be Easy to Find…

Whether your offer the most unique product or service ever conceived or you’re jumping head-first into a crowded market, it’s important that viewers be able to easily find the video content you post online. Great Big Video will get you heading in the right direction.

Keyword Research
We can help you determine the popularity of search-based keywords relative to the video content you plan to share. Then, we’ll help you optimize your Video SEO (video title, meta description, closed captioning, keywords) to take advantage of that knowledge.

Competitive Assessment
Ever wonder what search terms help your competitors get to the top of Google Search (and related search engine offerings)? We’ll take a look for you.

Ongoing Analysis
SEO performance is not a static metric. Instead, it’s something you should monitor for weeks, months, and years to come. Great Big Video can do this for you, with concise weekly or monthly reporting that clues you into how your video (and related) content is performing long-term.

Diving Deeper…
These days, SEO is an incredibly broad term that marketing agencies use to describe EVERYTHING you do, as an organization, to stay relevant online. Beyond Video SEO, Great Big Video can also look at your overall digital footprint and provide feedback on how that footprint can be improved upon and expanded.

!!!HOT!!! – SEO-Centric Video Production

What is SEO-centric video production?

It’s a process through which we strategically create video content for you in support of your overall content marketing initiatives. We do this by partnering with you to support your existing strategies and also by drawing upon what we’ve learned from conducting SEO research relative to the products and services you offer.

An great example of this would be an ongoing video series where we create a simple (but effective) companion video for every major blog post you create for a six-to-twelve month period. This allows you to expand upon your existing content marketing initiatives while also building out your video channels and reaching more potential customers. And that’s just one idea. There are a variety of ways in which we can proactively create video content for you based on true strategic analyses that allow you to expand your brand.