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Web Design (and More)

Web Design

You just had some awesome new video content created for your brand. You want to display some of that video on your website. Problem is, your website hasn’t been updated since 2003.

Great Big Video can help. When it comes to web design, our primary specialty is the creation of sleek, mobile-ready, SEO-friendly WordPress sites. For anything more complex (and/or involving e-commerce), we have partners who can step in to assist.


In many ways, infographics aren’t all that different from videos. They’re designed to tell a story in a compelling way while also utilizing illustrations to ensure that story is fun and engaging. In fact, as a complimentary service, we often create infographics as static, shareable companions for the videos we create.

Contact us today to find out how we can create a standalone infographic for your products or services… or create a complementary infographic that utilizes some or all of the same messaging (and illustrations) from a corresponding video.

HTML5 Animation

Whether it’s a simple logo animation meant to catch the eye of potential customers or something more robust, like an interactive infographic that also serves to educate, embedding simple web animations within your website is a great way to bolster viewer engagement.

At Great Big Video, we’re always looking for new, interesting opportunities that allow us to push the boundaries of interactivity and engagement. HTML5 animation is a primary example of this.