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Video Production

Creating animated content is our specialty!

Create Videos (Like These) for Your Audiences

Regardless of which term you use – explainer video, corporate animation, motion graphics, whiteboard video – Great Big Video can help.
For B2B and B2C audiences alike, we’ll create video content for your brand and the products and/or services you offer.

Our Video Production Process

From the beginning to the end of your project, we have you covered with our proven approach to video creation.
Our dedicated project managers will work, always, to ensure that you clearly understand each step.

1. Conceptualize

We’ll discuss your ideas for video creation and help you formalize a plan of action.

2. Script

We treat the script as perhaps the most important, foundational element of production.

3. Style

Establishing the colors, fonts, and visual structure to be used within the video is critical.

4. Storyboard

You’ll see – and review – every scene that will exist in your video well before we animate.

5. Voice

The professional voiceover artist of your choice will record audio for the video project.

6. Animate

This is where we put together all of your selected elements to create something amazing.

7. Deliver

Once your video is complete, we render it in high-definition and deliver it to you for use.

8. Support

Have questions about how or where to use your video? We’ll be here to help you out!

Supplementary Services

Looking for quick-access to the supplementary, video-related services that we offer?
Click one of the options below to learn more – and discover how we go beyond the visuals to help you build something better.

Pricing That’s Competitive

What does it mean to offer pricing that’s competitive?

For us here at GBV, competitive means offering reasonably priced video production – plain and simple – and doing so without sacrificing video or service quality. It also means offering fair, per-minute rates for video production that are fairly uniform across most clients and projects. One thing we DON’T want is for you to feel like you’re being pressured to create video content. We also don’t ever want our potential clients to feel like they’re talking to a used car salesperson. Those approaches simply aren’t our style.

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